FocusMono V Series

Beautifully Rugged

FocusMono V Series LED Displays tackle the traditional text based communication application with precision and performance like none other.  Adding high performance scratch resistant cabinet coating, a solid state control unit, and conformal coated components including power supplies, the V Series product is truly tough to beat!

FocusMono 16mm V Series 

  • True 16mm pixel pitch
  • 4,096 shades of Red or Amber
  • Standard 4” tall text; Ideal for close viewing proximities
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FocusMono 20mm V Series 

  • True 20mm pixel pitch
  • Module size of 6” x 12”
  • Standard 6” tall text; Effective for all viewing distances & all types of passing traffic
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FocusMono 25mm V Series 

  • True 25mm pixel pitch
  • 4,096 shades of Red of Amber
  • Standard 7” tall text; Powerful display for mid-and long-range viewing distances
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