FocusColor 18mm Lite

Beautifully Brillant

Random photo of a digital display in action

The FocusColor 18mm LED display is quickly becoming one of our most popular options and for good reason. Manufactured to fit just about any application, the 18mm will display incredibly crisp, lifelike video, as well as vibrant digital images. The amazing color depth ensures all content is displayed as brilliantly as you envisioned.  Call 1-877-386-9909 NOW to learn more!

Quality & Consistency

With 25+ years of design and manufacturing experience, over 40,000 displays provided in North and Central America, manufacturing the FocusColor 18mm displays is accomplished with unparalleled quality and consistency. This manufacturing and industry experience also enables us to stock our most popular FocusColor 18mm displays for immediate availability!


  • True 18mm Pixel Pitch
  • Modular design for ease of service – extruded aluminum cabinets with solid welds & stainless fasteners
  • Outdoor weatherproof cabinet
  • Eye catching color content pulled from 281 trillion colors standard
  • Internal Video Controller displaying up to 30fps
  • Secure Wireless Message communication
  • High Brightness 9,500 NITs – Ambient Light Adjustable
  • +100,000 hour Long life LEDs
  • Extra wide Viewing Angles for optimal communication – 140° Horizontal / 70° Vertical
  • Windows based programming software
  • 5 Year Warranty & Unlimited tech support
  • UL Rated
  • Custom Content Creation Packages available
  • Download the FocusColor 18mm Product Fact Sheet (PDF)

Digital Sign Communication Made Simple

CC Drop ShadowFocus Digital Displays prides itself on providing the highest quality LED displays at a fair price. Our Digital Display experts are ready to share their knowledge and insight to ensure that you purchase the right display for your application resulting in maximum ROI. We will stand by you every step of the way. Let’s make your Digital Sign Communication Simple!