Perfect for Any Occasion

Random photo of a digital display in action

FocusLite LED Displays are a designed to withstand the toughest of weather and advertising with simplest of ease.  Given its Full Color or Monochrome options, virtually no application can stand in its way.  From simple text messages to more complex graphics and animations, the FocusLite LED display is the perfect fit for your communication needs!

FocusColor Lite Series

  • Available in 18mm & 22mm pixel pitch
  • 281 trillion color capable
  • Character heights – 5” & taller
  • Outdoor weather proof cabinet

FocusMono Lite Series 

  • Available in 22mm pixel pitches
  • Monochrome Red or Amber in 256 shades
  • Character heights – 6.5” & taller
  • Modular design