FocusColor V Series

Virtual Resolution Technology

FocusColor V Series LED Displays take the traditional LED display to the next level with proper virtual resolution technology resulting in the sharpest content playback in the industry. Adding high performance scratch resistant cabinet coating, a solid state control unit, and conformal coated components including power supplies, the V Series product is truly tough to beat!

FocusColor 12.5mm V Series

  • Virtual Resolution 6.25mm pixel pitch
  • Vibrant text, animations, graphics and video in 60 fps
  • Ideal for close viewing proximity and foot traffic
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FocusColor 16mm V Series

  • Virtual Resolution 8mm pixel pitch
  • 281 trillion colors available for life like content display
  • Ideal for close viewing proximity
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FocusColor 20mm V Series

  • Virtual Resolution 10mm pixel pitch
  • Module size of 6” x 12”
  • Effective for all viewing distances & all types of passing traffic
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FocusColor 25mm V Series

  • Virtual Resolution 12.5mm pixel pitch
  • Up to 10,000 NIT brightness
  • Powerful display for mid-and long-range viewing distances
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