Communication made Simple.

Random photo of a digital display in action

Focus Digital Displays offers a complete package of products and services featuring dynamic LED technology. This exciting technology provides you with the ability to display exciting videos, engaging animations and attention-grabbing text for virtually any outdoor or indoor application. Focus Digital Displays takes great pride in doing everything possible to ensure these great products and services maximize your return-on-investment (ROI)! Call 1-877-386-9909 NOW!


  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Deepest color palates in the industry
  • Amazing life-like video capabilities – Live video option
  • Simple 24/7 programmable displays
  • Standard and Virtual Resolutions
  • Rear and Front Ventilated options
  • Available in 12.5mm, 16mm, 20mm & 25mm
  • UL certified
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  • Bold and colorful
  • Simple color palate allows for vibrant text, graphics, animations and simple video
  • Cost effective solution for all viewing distances
  • Available in 18mm & 22mm
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  • Vivid Amber or Red displays
  • Enhanced communication with 4096 shade capabilities
  • Sharp, bold text excellent all viewing distances
  • Simple 24/7 programmable displays
  • American Made
  • Available in 17mm, 20mm, 23mm & 25mm
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  • Tri-Color models for all applications
  • Multiple presentation modes for increased eye catching ability
  • American Made
  • Various lengths starting at 13″
  • Available in One, Two, Four & Five line options
  • Lobby Director Series
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