Ben Blackburn

How can I help you?

What I believe:

I believe that digital sign communication is made simple through dedication and determination. I believe that pursuit of customer satisfaction never ends. I believe that doing things the right way is not the easiest way, it’s the only way. I believe that Honesty, Integrity and Humility are the values every business’ foundation should encompass.

My Story:

As a young boy, I ate, drank and slept sports. This affection still lingers today and is 100% responsible for my highly competitive nature. I am a graduate of Concordia University at Austin with a BS in Business Administration, as well as a multisport (Basketball & Golf) letterman. During and after college, I spent time in the hospitality and retail industries attempting to find my way.  In 2006, I was introduced to the digital signage industry and its exciting ability to help others communicate. This ability and my constant desire to help others, coupled with the never ending competitive nature, has given me the opportunity to fulfill my dream; Focus Digital Displays. My Story would not be complete if I did not mention that behind every good man is a great woman. Emilee, your love and support drives me everyday.